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Melanie Jatsek is a woman who got caught in the dieting trap. She spent years believing the next diet would be “the one”, and in return, was led down a dark and lonely path called binge eating disorder.

After she healed, Melanie went on a journey to uncover the elements that enabled her to remain in control of her health and eating habits. She felt called to help others make peace with self-defeating habits and thought patterns, and reclaim the well-being that is their birthright.

Professionally, Melanie Jatsek is a registered and licensed dietitian, author of three books, and creator of the Healthy YOU program. Beneath the surface, she is:
• An adorer of all things food (especially chocolate).
• A fierce advocate for dietary balance- in fact, she is often heard saying “No food is forbidden!”
• A believer in the power that lies within all of us to change our health for the very best.
• Crazy passionate about helping people transform their relationship with food and create the body they were meant to live in.